Our Philosophy

Summit is committed to social responsibility and leadership everywhere we work and live.

Summit’s core focus is to “build a great company with exceptional people to preserve and restore our natural environment.” An integral component of being a “great company” is being a responsible corporate citizen.

Corporate social responsibility is fundamental to our business and central to our brand. It means we live our core values. It inspires a code of conduct and the ethical standards that shape the way we engage the environments and communities in which we live and work. Social responsibility is practiced and promoted throughout our company and it governs how we do business.


Health, Safety and Environment

In all aspects of business, Summit is committed to a Health, Safety and Environment program that protects the environment and physical, psychological, and social well-being of Summit personnel and the public.

Summit maintains a safe work environment and is compliant with all applicable health and safety legislation through an ongoing program consisting of:

  • Employee education, orientation and training;

  • Hazard identification, assessment and control;

  • Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee;

  • Worksite inspections; and

  • Event (near miss, incident and accident) reporting and investigations.

To deliver on Summit’s expectations for health, safety and environmental excellence we require participation by everyone, every day and on every job.


Indigenous Communities

We value the cultures, traditions and rights of Indigenous Peoples, and we recognize that we all have a role in the journey to reconciliation.



Summit fosters a workplace culture that is inclusive and respectful of all people. It is not enough for people to feel like they simply have a job at Summit. We endeavour to create a workplace in which everyone knows that they belong and that their contributions to our business are valuable and valued.



We strive to engage with Indigenous communities in a meaningful way. We aim to facilitate communication and collaboration between Indigenous peoples and our customers, and we take the time to develop relationships with substance and purpose.



We explore opportunities for employment, training, education, community development, community engagement, procurement and business development. We strive to operate in a manner which is mutually beneficial for Indigenous peoples, our customers and our business.


Community Involvement and Sustainability

Summit promotes sustainability and supports the communities in which we work and live through a variety of initiatives.


Committed to Giving Back

Since inception, the management and staff of Summit have been active in community fundraising events, charitable activities, professional organizations and community building. We are proud of our employees and their commitment to making a difference in our world.


Employee Participation

We promote employee participation in sustainability and community involvement through our recycling initiatives, fitness programs, various team builder events and our sustainability committee. We provide employee volunteer days for initiatives that are close to the hearts of our employees and important within the communities in which we work and live.