Summit Liability Solutions Inc. (Summit) has been completing EM surveys with Summit-owned equipment since July 2011. This work scope has been successfully completed for numerous clients across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 


Summit utilizes both the Geonics EM 31 and Geonics EM 38 equipment and employs senior level Environmental Specialists with knowledge and experience with EM surveying methods to oversee geophysical surveys. Surface geophysical techniques can be utilized for a variety of reasons onsite including: identification of buried tanks, delineation of waste disposal areas and delineation of salinity impacted material. EM methods provide a rapid means of measuring the apparent electrical conductivity of subsurface soil, rock and groundwater. Summit environmental specialists will work with each client to develop a site specific plan to conduct the survey as appropriate. When required depths of interest are in excess of approximately 5 meters an EM 31 will be utilized. For surficial investigations less than 5 meters, an EM 38 will be selected.


Once the survey is completed, Summit specialists are able to upload the data directly onto their laptops in the field. Our trained and experienced specialists will then work on data interpretation and correction prior to completing and generating a final map. Upon completion of a final report, and all data processing, the finalized EM survey can then be uploaded into our Summit project management software Arkit.

This system is a map-based data management system accessible online. This powerful project management tool allows Summit specialists to communicate information from the field with satellite and office locations at the click of a button.

 Site history can be stored and accessed in one centralized location so that our team of experts can make informed decisions about the future of each site.

In addition to EM surveys being uploaded on to each site map, the system allows for the planning of future borehole locations, as well as anticipated excavations. Any applicable laboratory data that may be analyzed as a result will be automatically uploaded into the program and assigned to the applicable borehole location.

All analytical data exceeding regulations will be automatically flagged and visible on the system saving both time and money at the field and office levels.

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