What We Offer

Our Environmental Planning and Permitting Team consults on a variety of capital projects.

We promote compliance and corporate responsibility while delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions. Our experienced professionals consult and execute services throughout the frontend lifecycle of our clients’ capital projects to ensure proper planning and permitting in the most efficient manner. Our Team is comprised of engineers and registered professionals in agrology, ecology, chemistry, biology and other environmental technologists allowing us to expertly manage our client’s diverse requirements.

Services Include

  • Route Reconnaissance, Assessment, Screening and Evaluation

  • Regulatory Permitting and Reporting

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

  • Conservation and Reclamation Plans

  • Post-Construction Reclamation Assessments

  • EPEA Approval Applications, Compliance Monitoring and Renewals

  • Public Land Disposition Applications

  • Water Act Applications and Notifications

  • Environmental Protection Plans (EPP)

  • Private Land Checklists

  • Oil and Gas Project Proposals

  • Powerline Hazard Assessment Plans (PHAP)

  • Biophysical Surveys

  • Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat

  • Vegetation and Rare Plants

  • Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat

  • Wetland Classification and Delineation

  • Pre-Disturbance Assessments (PDA)

  • Baseline Soil, Groundwater and Vegetation Assessments

  • Geospatial Services

  • Indigenous Engagement and Consultation

  • Archeological & Paleontological