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Summit Earth Day Contest

For Earth Day, the Summit Sustainability Committee challenged Summit employees to do one environmentally friendly action outside their normal daily routine. The winner of the contest was Vince M. who used a biodegradable bag to pick up dog waste, picked up trash along the Bow River and turned off the heat at his house for the day.

Other submissions included:

  • Walking to the grocery store instead of driving
  • Implementing LED lighting, water efficient shower heads, installation of motion sensing lights and a high efficiency washer and dryer
  • Using cloth diapers
  • Filling a rain barrel with snow
  • Taking re-usable mugs to Starbucks
  • Turning down the thermostat by 1 to 3 degrees
  • Collecting and recycling cardboard waste

Thank you and congrats to everyone that participated. Your actions help leave a smaller footprint on our world!

Photo by Vince M.

Photo by Vince M.

High Fives!

To Nam C. for spending several hours on the phone with me working on my computer on a Friday night. Nam’s commitment to keeping the company technology and employees productive is second to none. From everyone working for Summit remotely as well as those working around the corner from you in the office, thanks for your commitment and hard work. – Taylor P.
To Chris A. for all the creativity and hard work it took to reinvent JTS as PEAK – Anon.
To Vern S. and Vince M. for hitting their 10-year milestones with Summit. Thank you both for your hard work, commitment and professionalism! – Newsletter Team
Belated High 5 to the Summit Fuzzy Duster Team Members for your contributions to the Movember fundraiser. The team raised $1220.00 to benefit men’s health. Well done, guys! – Newsletter Team
To Colleen S. for achieving her Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation - Summit


Summit is proud to be developing a Sustainability Report for 2017. This report includes important environmental, social and financial metrics to help gain a comprehensive view of our company. We see this report as a way to reinforce our core values. By measuring parameters such as landowner approval rating and tonnes of CO2, we have the opportunity to improve our operations and benefit rights holders and our stakeholders. Stay tuned for the final report.


Safety Message

Fieldwork has the potential to expose people to wildfire risks. Sparks from vehicles (truck/ATV), cigarette butts, lightning strikes that smolder until conditions are optimal, and weather conditions are some variables that increase this risk. Identifying the wildfire risk and having mitigation measures at hand is essential when completing fieldwork during fire season.

A valuable resource for determining wildfire risk is the Wildfire Hazard Identification Tool (WHIT). The WHIT (link provided below) assists in identifying a wildfire hazard within a location and provides additional resources to mitigate the risk. The Alberta Wildfire App is another valuable tool that can be used to receive up-to-date information on wildfire conditions and see where current wildfires are burning.

This information can help you prepare for fieldwork by having the proper fire suppression tools (e.g. fire extinguisher, hand tools (shovels), water pumps, spark arresters on exhausts) on hand and in good working order. Under the Forest and Prairie Protection Regulations people can be charged for failing to comply with laws around wildfire occurrence and preventative measures.

The risk of wildfire is something we live and work with during this time of year. Pre-job planning by understanding the wildfire risk for the work area while obtaining the proper fire suppression tools is vital to wildfire prevention and awareness.                        

Should you have any questions or comments on wildfire prevention and awareness, we encourage you to contact

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