What We Offer

In 2017, Summit acquired Remuda Energy Solutions, an abandonment and decommissioning services company focusing on pipeline, facility and abandonment services and technologies.

Remuda combined ingenuity with field experience to develop and patent an innovative internal dry cold cutting tool that is revolutionizing the surface abandonment industry. Rebranded as Summit Decommissioning Services in 2018, this sector of our business has allowed us to integrate abandonment and environmental assessment services creating a uniquely qualified and innovative service provider combining professional environmental consulting with leading technology and expertise.

In addition to our dry cutting technology we are experts in abrasive water jet and conventional cut and cap services with all cutting options available in Summit’s fleet. These extensive service capabilities and our goal to improve on historical practices is driving towards a change in the status quo.

Services Include

Surface Decommissioning

  • Mechanical Internal Cutting Tool Technology (ICT)

  • Abrasive water jet wellhead cut and caps (AWJ)

  • Conventional wellhead cut and capsFacility Decommissioning, Construction and Maintenance

Facility Decommissioning, Construction and Maintenance

  • Mechanical services and decommissioning

  • ABSA approved B31.3 - Repair, Alteration and Construction

  • CSA Z662-15 Pipeline -Repair, Alteration and Construction

Pipeline Decommissioning, Construction and Maintenance

  • Patented ICT pipeline cuts and removal

  • Supervision and Documentation

  • Pipeline Branch Termination and Dead Leg Elimination

  • New line Installation and Repair

  • Pigging and purging services

Surface Decommissioning Services

  • Wellbore Abandonment

  • Piling Abandonment

  • Pipeline Riser and Branch Termination and Abandonment

General Oilfield Construction and Maintenance